With 1 million active consumers, our panel is the biggest in Latin America and has a unique set of characteristics that make us your best choice when selecting an online panel provider. We can target panelists based on a variety of selection criteria including socio-demographic data, personal interests and product affinity.

Our panels are constructed and constantly refreshed on the notion of integrating market research activities with a consumer community oriented to the mass market. We currently recruit through our popular opinion website Livra.com which is available in every English, Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries in Latin America. With more than 800.000 unique visitors every month, we have a steady flow of new recruits that boosts our ever-growing panel.

Panel BooksOur Panel Books

Get to know our new and interactive Panel Books. You’ll find out the demographic composition of our panel, as well as SEL and Education information. You’ll also be able to compare it to the census information of every country.

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EsomarEsomar 28 questions

Discover our answers to ESOMAR’s 28 questions to help buyers of online samples, the guide that will let you determine whether Livra Panels practices and samples fit with your research objectives.


Specialized PanelsSpecialized and Low Incidence Targets

Our large and diverse panel has made us experts in projects with low-incidence or with special characteristics. If your project requires a particular, low-incidence target group or respondents with very specific characteristics, we can help you.

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We are corporate members of ESOMAR, which ensures the quality recommendations of this organization, and also we’re the only panel in Latin America certified under the ISO 20252.

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